Disorders of the veins

Varicose veins/ venous insufficiency / arteries/ spider veins

With the help of a CW Doppler ultrasound–sonography we are able to make an exact diagnosis of the status of both deep and the surface legs veins and arteries. This method also enables us to check the blood flow in the legs without the risk of side effects. Once this Process has been completed a suitable treatment plan is chosen. We can carry out sclerotherapy using foam or other injections and in individual cases an operation may be necessary.

So called "spider veins" are small visible veins in the upper layers of the skin. Most women find them unsightly. Although these veins are mainly considered to be an aesthetic problem, in many cases they indicate a beginning weakness in the deeper arteries. According to the findings, we then decide whether to use laser therapy, sclerotherapy or a combination of both procedures.