Wrinkles/ Lips therapy

So called fillers are suitable for a targeted filling in of wrinkles and for increasing lip volume.

Hyaluronic acid has proved to be an especially safe filler which has very few side effects. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance which can be found in the human body, for example in the skin, in the umbilical cord and in joints.

It is also easy to administer. After applying local anaesthesia (if needed), hyaluronic acid is injected into the skin under the wrinkles, filling them out and leaving the skin looking smooth and firm. The effects are immediately apparent. As a rule, any temporary skin irritations and possible slight swelling will disappear within several hours.

Although the results of the treatment lasts for many months, not permanent. The body naturally breaks down the amount of hyaluronic acid, so you can decide after a few months, whether you wish to repeat the process.


The natural amount of hyaluronic acid in the lips decreases throughout the course of a lifetime and they start to look thinner, wrinkles start to develop and the contours are less defined. With the help of hyaluronic acid it is possible to increase lip volume specifically, or merely to enhance their shape. This popular and subtle correction of the shape and size of the lips also helps to prevent lipstick from feathering.

The properties of hyaluronic acid render it capable of creating extremely natural looking lips, irrespective of whether it is used to increase their volume or merely to create a more well-defined and thus more attractive lip contour.