Botox therapy (Botulinumtoxin)

Happiness, irritation, concentration – our facial expressions can cause wrinkles such as laughter lines or frown lines….

Not all these wrinkles are attractive.

Treatment with botulinum toxin relaxes the muscles that are responsible for the development of wrinkles.

Botulinum toxin is a natural bacterial protein, which is injected into the relevant muscles. These muscles relax and the skin lying over them is smoothed.

The effects of treatment start to become apparent after appr. 72 hours, its maximal effect is achieved after one or two weeks and lasts for 4-8 months as a rule.

For almost 40 years botulinum toxin has been used in paediatrics in significantly higher doses, and there have been no indications of long-term side effects.

Once the effects start to wear off, additional injections of botulinum toxin can be given as often as required in order to maintain optimal results.

Treatment with botulinum toxin is especially successful in the case of:

  • frown lines
  • horizontal forehead wrinkles
  • laughter lines
  • upper lip wrinkles
  • sunken corners of the mouth
  • transverse wrinkle on chin

The less deep the wrinkles are the better the final results will be. Therefore it is advisable to start treating wrinkles caused by facial expressions as early as possible.

However, should the wrinkles be very deep, we also recommend the use of special additional fillers in order to achieve optimal results..

Furthermore, botulinum toxin can be successfully used in order to treat clients suffering from excessive sweating. The use of microinjections delivered directly into the armpits can effectively solve the delicate problem of perspiration marks on clothing. The effects of this treatment last for between four to nine months.